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Welcome To RightNow!

Hello!  We're live in the App Store folks- wooha!  Get RightNow... like right now!

The problem with status messages today is that they lack context and sentiment.

We never really know what people are really talking about, how they feel and what they're state of mind is in. Twitter isn't setup to capture that, but RightNow for the iPhone is here to change that.

We put context and sentiment first- what is your state of mind, what is up right now?  To what degree?  Help us out, weigh what's happening to you on a scale - positive to negative, or in the case lame to sweet.  

Let's say you're your having sushi with friends.  "sushi" may be your context, or maybe "food", but how is that experience going?  Is it lame or sweet? Giving us that extra bit of info helps us clarify the moment even more.  

Let's say it was sweet, ok so we know you're having sushi, and so far it's been a sweet experience.  Next you can attach an image, giving us even more content about your experience, your evidence of a good time.  Next you add your message, you can decide on whether or not to tweet it out.  Lastly, you tack on your location and your perfect moment in RightNow is complete. 

state of mind = sushi
sentiment = sweet
image = tuna roll
message = hangin w/friends
location = Bob's Sushi

A typical twitter tweet or status update from other location based tools don't give you this kind of clarity.   

City Wide Sentiment, Contextual Anchors via Hashtags, Twitter Support built in!

Imagine being able to fire up a local map of sentiment around you, where are the good and bad experiences happening right now. You and I are the "gauge" for good or bad experiences, our stand alone tweets often lack this critical context of what and how it feels.  Twitter allows us express the basics, but more clarity is needed- RightNow enables you to tweet with clarity like never before.  

Sentiment, City Wide. 

Where is the party at?  Easily see lame to meh to sweet experiences on the map or in a moments filtered view.

Dive into activity where we break down all the updates- by lame, sweet, meh, country, city, place, most recent, by picture, by follow.  

Follow?  Yep, you can follow others in RightNow just like you do in twitter. 

% of sweetness?

We're playing around with a few other features too.  Like we thought it'd be good track how many lame to sweet experiences you have, giving you a kind of experience-o-meter.  Wouldn't it be nice to know how you're trending?  Get into your own data, and share it with others.  

Who and Why?

First up, it doesn't change anything if you twitter on your iPhone already- its works just like a twitter client, just a heck of alot more context happening.  

Second, its great for anyone who's curious about what's happening around them.  Participating in the moments happening in your own town, and seeing your data on the map- is addicting.  

Third, RightNow is perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of their experiences, and review them.  We're in a time of patterns, what are the patterns of your experiences lately, have they been lame or sweet, and what kinds of experiences are typically lame for you or vice versa.  Its not that far from a daily journal, and even better this journal can connect to twitter when you want it to, and it captures stats you can quickly get into.